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Weber Project

Project Overview

Weber provides services based on know-how built up over the years as a blockchain specialist.

Trusted Environment
Web 3.0
Web 3.0
Provide personalized information
Weber Service
Weber Service
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About Us


Next-generation Web 3.0 integrated platform

Weber integrates Web 3.0
We lead the platform business.
Weber aims to become a leading platform for the next-generation Web 3.0 integrated platform-based business, focusing on the know-how it has built as a company specializing in blockchain.
In order to improve the problems that existing Web 3.0 platforms have to solve and to keep the important value of Web 3.0 in using the platform, it was developed to participate in the platform ecosystem by using WBC, a key token.
Weber intends to expand its business areas such as partnerships and collaborations with various related companies and platforms in the future in order to provide various services and expand its business areas.

Weber PROJECT Service

Weber Ecosystem

Weber, which aims to be a Web 3.0 total platform,
is a platform in addition to the currently developed platform.
We are developing a platform to provide various services.


Web Browser

A blockchain-based web browser used as the basic base of the Weber platform and cookies accumulated during Internet use are saved as much as possible, reducing the burden of resources used on hardware devices when using the Internet and providing a fast user experience.
If a user participates in the improvement of Weba Browser through provision of usage information or feedback while using Weba Browser, WBC coin is provided as a reward accordingly.


Weber, a PC and mobile messaging platform that supports interaction with DApps on the Weber platform, provides an interface that is familiar to users who have difficulty thinking about existing blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and provides an interface that existing messaging platforms could not provide. It is a next-generation blockchain messaging platform that maintains growth and development and improves the point where incentives did not coexist, so that owners, advertisers, and users mutually benefit, and above all, ethical issues can be dealt with immediately.

SNS Network

Wafer, a blockchain-based social network service, has been developed so that users can upload helpful posts through their posts, and visitors can evaluate them and receive compensation in WBC.
Existing blog services have a structure in which companies pay bloggers for a fee and write postings, so it was difficult for users to obtain the information they needed, even at the top of search exposure. We aim to provide accurate information even when surfing the web.


It is a decentralized and distributed cloud system that processes various contents and data of the Weber platform. It is a storage sharing system created by adding incentives to the network based on IPFS.
IPFS, short for Inter Planetary File System, is a protocol for storing data in a distributed file system and sharing it over the Internet. It is used to share large files and data in a peer-to-peer manner.
WBC is paid as a reward to ecosystem participants who provide surplus storage.

Transportation Charge

The Weber platform is a decentralized global blockchain Web 3.0 platform that is not only used in one country, and a tangible solution that can be used in real life, when paying for public transportation services such as buses, taxis, and subways around the world. We have built the WeAgo system so that it can be used.
Through this, wherever you go in the world, you can easily pay for fares and use public transportation through Weber's WeAgo platform, without having to prepare a separate currency exchange to use public transportation.
Weber in the future

Weber Vision

Weber in the future
Weber plans to provide various services in the future, such as streaming services and games, in addition to the platform used in the existing Web 3.0. We plan to expand various services and benefits through.



  • 2023.1Q
    Conceptualization of the Weber project
  • 2023.2Q
    Establishment of Weber Ecosystem
    Weber Platform Development Planning
  • 2023.3Q
    Start of WBC coin development
    Weber Platform development progress
  • 2023.4Q
    WBC coin development completed
    Weber Platform test progress
  • 2024.1Q
    Weber Platform launch
    WBC Domestic Exchange Listing Collaboration
    Weber Project expansion and global market entry planning
  • 2024.2Q
    Listing on domestic exchange
    Collaboration with overseas exchanges

Weber Project

Token Information

Token Issuance Plan
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Weber Token Symbol WBC
Technology Base ERC-20 Total Issuance 200,000,000 WBC
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Weber
Token Symbol WBC
Technology Base ERC-20
Total Issuance 2,000,000,000 WBC
Token Distribution Plan
Token Distribution Plan
  • Token sale (10%)200,000,000 WBC
  • Foundation (5%)100,000,000 WBC
  • Ecosystem (85%)1,700,000,000 WBC



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